The Largest Municipal Utility to Deploy Advanced Smart Grid Network

Largest municipal utility deploys smart grid networkCPS energy, the largest municipal utility in the US, has officially partnered with the leading network platform and solutions provider of smart grid energy networks in order to deploy an advanced smart grid network. The municipal utility based on San Antonio, Texas has partnered with Silver Spring Networks to deploy advanced smart grid features, like advanced metering and distribution automation, to better serve its more than 740,000 electric and gas customers in the metropolitan area of San Antonio.

Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Platform includes hardware, software, and services based on an open IPv6 network, which will enable the utilities to have a continuous secure communication with their consumers. The open standards-based networking solutions of Silver Spring would allow all energy devices, from in-home devices to smart meters and load control devices, to be connected together to deliver the highest performance possible. This networking platform can be quickly scaled to enable utilities of all sizes and across all geographies to economically expand their smart grid services offerings.

CPS energy has been developing long-term strategies to improve its smart grid and make it more efficient. Since the smart grid network uses the standardized IPv6 platform, the municipal utility can now incorporate new types of technologies as they become available.  The industry has been rapidly growing and there have been a lot of changes, but as long as the new technologies are compatible and formatted with the platform, it can be used readily. They will now be able to add a range of new devices to the network, such as smart meters and a variety of other technologies that can increase the efficiency of the grid.

Thanks to the new partnership with the Silver Spring Networks, the largest municipal utility is now investing in resources and plants that have less or no-air emission which addresses concerns on air quality in San Antonio area. They are now also investing on infrastructure improvements to continually develop and make the grid more effective.