Cryptic Codes of a Utility Locator

You would sometimes find cities across the country which has spray-painted symbols and mysterious signs all over the streets and sidewalks. You have probably seen these kinds of markings on the … [Read more...]

Do you need to go to school to be a Utility Locating Technician?

A school for locating will offer training and certifications, but none will offer a college degree specifically available for a career in locating utilities at this point. It also should be noted that … [Read more...]

Utility Locating Techniques

Importance of Utility Locating If you are to perform an excavation, you may encounter numerous utilities hidden beneath the ground. You may find a variety of buried water, gas or electric utility … [Read more...]

True Utility Scarab Multi Tool

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Utilities damaged by Super storm Sandy

Utilities Severely Damaged A week after the landfall of super storm Sandy, the lingering power outages are still felt in New York, New Jersey and other nearby states. The gusting winds of the storm … [Read more...]

RIDGID SR-60/22163 Utility Locating Receiver

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