Cryptic Codes of a Utility Locator

You would sometimes find cities across the country which has spray-painted symbols and mysterious signs all over the streets and sidewalks. You have probably seen these kinds of markings on the … [Read more...]

Dig Safely! A Friendly Reminder from Utility Locating HQ

April marks the start of Spring digging season and it has been proclaimed as the National Safe Digging Month. The Utility Locating HQ encourages everyone; homeowners and professionals alike, to call … [Read more...]

Utility Locating Techniques

Importance of Utility Locating If you are to perform an excavation, you may encounter numerous utilities hidden beneath the ground. You may find a variety of buried water, gas or electric utility … [Read more...]

Teaching Utility Locating Best Practices to the Young Generations

Teaching utility locating best practices should not be limited to professional excavators, utility workers and homeowners. Rather, it should also be taught to the young generations. Educating children … [Read more...]

Benefits of Ground-Penetrating Radar in Utility Locating

Utility locating is the process of identifying and labeling utilities which are underground. These include lines for telephones, natural gas, fiber optics, electric grids, traffic lights and waste … [Read more...]