Do you need to go to school to be a Utility Locating Technician?

A school for locating will offer training and certifications, but none will offer a college degree specifically available for a career in locating utilities at this point. It also should be noted that … [Read more...]

Sample Utility Locate Technician Resume

The utility location industry is growing substantially through the years. Jobs in the utility location industry will continue to exist as cities and municipalities continue to create and maintain … [Read more...]

Trends in Utility Damages for 2011 Infographic

This infographic captures compelling data from the 2012 DIRT report published by the Common Ground Alliance.  It is a compilation of reported data from 2011.  We can learn a lot about what we are … [Read more...]

Utility Locating Techniques

Importance of Utility Locating If you are to perform an excavation, you may encounter numerous utilities hidden beneath the ground. You may find a variety of buried water, gas or electric utility … [Read more...]

Utility Locate Technician Career Outlook

Utility Locate Technician A Locate Technician is paid to locate and mark utilities that is buried underground. It is a very important job since much of our home and business life rely on the … [Read more...]

Utility Locating Best Practices at a Glance

Below is a list of utility locating best practices at a glance.  It is basically an overview of “Common Ground Alliance’s (CGA) Best Practices for Marking and Locating”.  Which is recommended by the … [Read more...]

Utility Locating Mindset: 8 Traits of a Successful Locate Technician

There is a lot that can make you successful in the field of utility locating.  Many of the traits listed below you probably possess already. While the traits you may not have have yet can be … [Read more...]

Utility locating training is critical to your success

Typically, the company you work for will provide utility locating training.  This isn't the only way to get training however.  There are many options to achieve the proper training you need.  There … [Read more...]