Utility locating is an exciting field and is growing at a tremendous rate. If you are new to locating or an experienced pro you have come to the right place.

Locating buried utilities in the proper way is vitally important for the safety of those working in the utility industry. It is also something that is important to our communities as well.

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Cryptic Codes of a Utility Locator

You would sometimes find cities across the country which has spray-painted symbols and mysterious signs all over the streets and sidewalks. You have probably seen these kinds of markings on the streets and sidewalks. These markings are so prevalent that they go largely unnoticed. Paints of different colors, arrows pointing towards different directions, and letters and numbers scribbled on public Continue Reading...

Cause of Texas Plant Explosion still Unknown

The massive Central Texas fertilizer plant explosion last April 17, 2013 is considered as one of the worst industrial accidents in America in years. However, what the triggered the occurrence of the said fertilizer plant explosion is still unknown.

Effects of the Fertilizer Plant Explosion in Texas

The blast shoo Continue Reading...

Upgrading of Underground Utility Infrastructures in Tallahassee, Florida

The Underground Utility department of the City of Tallahassee, Florida will begin working on two separate major projects that will upgrade their underground utility infrastructures. The project is located on Old Bainbridge Road, Blair Stone Road and Orange Avenue. Both these projects targets to improve the water and sewer services provided to the residents.

The underground utility infras Continue Reading...

Winter Storm Wanda Wrecks Havoc and Utilities in the Midwest

It technically is spring, but you wouldn’t know it if you would look around the upper-midwest. Earlier this week, parts of Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and other midwestern states got hit hard with an onslaught of heavy precipitation.

There was a lot of damages to aerial power lines due to large branches falling. Days of icy rain came down during freezin Continue Reading...

The Largest Municipal Utility to Deploy Advanced Smart Grid Network

CPS energy, the largest municipal utility in the US, has officially partnered with the leading network platform and solutions provider of smart grid energy networks in order to deploy an advanced smart grid network. The municipal utility based on San Antonio, Texas has partnered with Silver Spring Networks to deploy advanced smart grid features, like advanced metering and distribution automation, to better s Continue Reading...